Handling Appeals

Appeal Request received from following sources through email which is displayed on the website:

  • Client under certification process
  • Customer of Certified Client
  • Consumer Forums Legal authorities
  • Any other sources

Director accesses the email for received appeals.

Director acknowledges the appellants about receipt of appeal through email.

Director through appropriate sources validates the appeal.

If the appeal is not valid, the Director communicates back to the appellant with justification.

If the appeal is valid, the Director & EC form an ACTION TEAM.

Members will be different from those who carried out audits and made the certification decision.

Action Team to initiate interim Short-term Containment action.

Action team to verify whether similar appeals have been reported in past 3 years.

Action Team to investigate the concern raised in the appeal.

EC to verify the investigation outcomes.

Action Team to propose suitable Corrective action.

EC in coordination with MD/Director validates the action proposed and recommends them for implementation.

If action implementation takes a long time, intermediately status is updated to the appellant by the MD/Director.

Action Team establishes elements to track effectiveness of proposed action.

Horizontally deploy those actions in other areas / processes & close the appeal request.

Director/EC communicates through a formal notice, about the resolution taken against the appeal to the entity who has initiated this appeal.

The Maximum time for the Resolution of Appeal is 48 Hours i.e., means within 48 Hours of time IBP will Resolve the Issue.