Nonconformity Closure by Clients

Non - Conformity Identified by IBP through following sources:

  • Document Review
  • Stage I Audit
  • Stage II Audit
  • Surveillance Audit

Initiate Corrective Action Request and submit to the Client.

Define the problem / Non-Conformity.

Identify Cross Functional Team to Solve the problem.

Process Owner to initiate interim Short-term Containment action.

Verify effectiveness of Containment action.

Root Cause analysis (System/ Occurrence/ Escape).

Verify the Root cause.

Process Owner selects and implements Corrective Action.

Process Owner establishes elements to track effectiveness of C.A.

Verify the effectiveness of C.A.

Horizontally deploy C.A. in other areas / processes & close the corrective action request.

Update all other Procedures/Work Instructions.

Submit the CAR's along with supporting Documents.

Verification of CA by IBP auditor (Surveillance / Follow up Audit).

Close the CAR and forward to the IBP office along with the audit report.